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Arrigoni Winery—
Founded on a family love of “Oenology!”

Family owned and operated, the inspiration for Arrigoni Winery was introduced by boxing champion John “Jack LaSalle” Gherlone — grandfather to the current winery owner. A second-generation Italian immigrant, Gherlone died in 1997 at age 86 — but not before passing on his love of oenology— the science and study of winemaking — to his grandson, and now his great-grandaughter.

Gherlone taught his young grandson how to best crush and press the grapes to extract juices from the skins, and also how to properly barrel wines so they would age into favored wine varieties.

Today, those endearing wine-making lessons are still followed at Arrigoni Winery, where CT winemaking is conducted with a feeling of family-inspired pride and enthusiasm. Named after the landmark Arrigoni Bridge that spans the CT River between Middletown and Portland, Arrigoni Winery is situated on 200 acres of farmland nestled between Route 66 and the Connecticut River.

Though he passed before Arrigoni Winery was officially launched, the family believes that “grandfather” would be extremely proud to learn the family is carrying on the family tradition of crafting unique, limited quantity, locally grown and processed wines.

Arrigoni Winery - Bottles of wine
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