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Cider Tasting in Portland, CT

Cider Tap Room

Welcome to the Arrigoni Tap Room…where an adventure in tasting excitement awaits! We invite you to explore the surprising complexity of our designer-crafted New England Ciders, infused with citrus, berry, fruit, spices and more. Our authentic Ciders are steeped in Yankee tradition that leads to flavorful discovery and social-sipping fun.
Arrigoni Winery - Wine on apples

Cider on Tap

Blueberry Ginger, Maple Madness, Great Pumpkin, Prickly Pear, Apple Crisp and Plain Jane Vanilla!

Cider Flights

Blueberry Ginger, Maple Madness, Great Pumpkin, Prickly Pear, Apple Crisp and Plain Jane Vanilla. Want to try them all? Try out our ALL NEW Cider Flights! Available all weekend long, no reservation necessary!

custom branded bottles

Cider Growlers (To-Go Only)

Want some cider to take home? We’ve got growlers to go! Available in 32 or 64 oz

Bottled Cider

Browse our selection of specialty apple wines, no grapes are used in the making of these apple wines.

Orchard Valley (Apple)

In this refreshing and delightful wine, orchard fresh apples are transformed into a down-to-earth wine. Chill this fun wine and enjoy with chicken, pork, fish, or your favorite pasta dish.

Smashed Pumpkin (Pumpkin & Apple)

This natural pumpkin taste pairs well with all your favorite comfort foods or as a great stand-alone wine.

Bad Apple (Apple)

A wine with attitude! This zesty apple compliments any meal and adds attitude to any get-together. But REMEMBER: “There is one in every barrel. Don’t be the one!”

Sugar House (Maple & Apple)

Maple madness in a glass! Pairs well with pancakes and French toast. This maple infused treat is sure to be your new favorite “breakfast wine!”

Cranberry Love (Cranberry & Apple)

Splash in the bog with this refreshing wine infused with sweet, tart cranberry. Goes well with everything from a favorite turkey sandwich to grilled chicken.

Cider Tasting Menu

Choose between our Ciders on Tap or our Bottled Cider (Apple Wines)
All ciders are made right here at the farm with apples from right down the street.

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